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Sophie Mill as an Artist

Sophie Mill is an international and Australian artist who is renowned for her brilliant use of colour, as well as for her floral paintings and landscape paintings. Each of her pieces was created with a profound visual message of pure honesty and the ability to express one’s hopes, dreams, wishes, interpretations, struggles, feelings and whole self through pure, unadulterated art.

For over a decade, Sophie Mill has been showing her paintings in exhibitions from all over the world, including the USA, Australia, and Italy. Her art has been featured at the New York’s Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery, Fox Studios Sydney, The Waterfront Sydney, Moree Gallery NSW, Inverell Regional Gallery, The Hunter Valley Rothbury Estate, as well as the Estense Castle Gallery and Galleria De Marchi in Italy and several other prestigious art exhibits.  
Sophie Mill takes part in discussions and technique lessons. Most importantly, she can teach you to take your daydreams and turn them into your own art pieces. She believes that daydreaming is our instinct, and it gives insight to our soul – a crucial tool in creativity. Sign up for an art class with Sophie today! All skill levels are welcome.

Sophie Mill as an Author

Sophie Mill is also a renowned writer. Her inaugural book, Woman in the Distance, tells a story of a woman in the Australian Outback, a bright and bubbly city girl that comes to find that the land is isolating. Sophie creates a picture of brilliance for the reader. The woman is struggling with disappointments, tragedies, and hardships, and the book highlights mental illness, something that Sophie Mill has struggled with herself. 

Sophie’s powerful use of the word has allowed her to sell many copies and continue her career as a beautiful writer. Quick-witted and deeply emotional, this is a must-read memoir for those who have experienced anorexia, alcohol abuse, isolation, deep love, mental illness, loss and heartbreak. 
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