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I enjoyed my break from painting over the last 18 months, but I have a yearning to return to do what I do best; creating Art works and writing.   

The late sportswriter, Red Smith, wrote of writing, “It’s easy. You sit down, open a vein and bleed.” Yet, writers today are advised to remain apart from their characters and story however I simply didn't want to do that.  I am an artist primarily, and I have first hand knowledge on Mental Illness.  With that, there is only one way to write and that is to write from the heart.

My inaugrual book, 'The Woman in the Distance' has been written with passion.  It would be physically, emotionally and mentally impossible to achieve such a feat without the deep love of finding that honesty within.  Honesty is what Art is about. This story is not about defeatism instead it is about ‘the triumph of the human spirit’

It is my hope that by being honest it will entice one more person to create their own imaginations, daydreams, whimsical ideas, and with that also understand that a mental illness can be a hidden treasure rather than something to fear. However, although my creative mind attempts to speak with insight, it is done with shameless emotions attached.

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