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    Sophie Mill: Contemporary Artist and Author

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    Sophie Mill: Contemporary Artist and Author


International and Australian Contemporary Artist and Author

Sophie Mill is a world-renowned contemporary artist, author, inspirational speaker and philanthropist. Her inaugural book, The Woman in the Distance, is based upon the triumph of the human spirit. She has sold countless paintings through private art galleries in Australia, the USA and Italy.  

Sophie Mill has years of experience mentoring children in art as well as giving art tours overseas and locally. She also teaches art classes, enabling others to express their true selves through art. Her passion for both painting and writing has allowed her to fight back against mental illness and inspire people all over the world to genuinely express their ideas, feelings and passions through art.
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Art Classes for Adults and Youths

Sophie Mill offers personalised classes for both adults and adolescents. Her art classes are based upon the ideal of honesty. Honesty is what art is all about – the ability to express oneself in the purest and most unfiltered way imaginable. By embracing honesty in art, she hopes that she will entice at least one more person to create from their own imaginations, daydreams, and whimsical ideas.

The classes include artist-in-residence and art tutor programs for schools, as well as adult art classes in her private Hamilton South studio. With her guidance, inspiration, and passion for art, you will create stunning art pieces as well. The art classes are for aspiring artists of all ages. Call today to learn more about her classes.

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Charity and Community Fundraising Events
Sophie Mill has used her art to raise money for various charities and community fundraising events all over the world. She is always happy to help raise awareness, contribute money and simply give her time for the greater benefit of the community. Some of the fundraisers she has helped with include the following:

2016 July: Ronald McDonald House, 'The Garden' – $2,000
2015 December: Maritime Museum, 'The French Woman' – $3,000
2014: Maritime Museum, 'The Flowers' – $3,000
2014: Newcastle Grammar School, extra sporting activities – $1,500
2013: NEXUS Hunter Children's Hospital, for cancer – $1,000
2013: Mel's Kitchen, helping young girls who have come out of goal to 'see' a bigger picture
2012: Greek Ball, raising money for senior retirement, 'New York Subway' – $3,000
2011: HMRI Hunter Research, 'Africa' – $5,000
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